The Glencoe Heritage Trust undertakes to work with the local community, and other interested parties who share the same views in protecting Glencoe for the future”

Much of the trust’s work is carried out by volunteers who kindly give of their time and expertise.

When the land was purchased in 2002, considerable time was spent removing broken railings, cutting scrub, and enhancing the river bank, all with the help of local people.

One of the biggest challenges is the safe removal of ancient trees which have been scanned, and deemed dangerous by tree experts who advise of their immediate removal; the trust has to comply with stringent rules to carry out these activities.

Once these trees are felled, they are cut into logs and distributed round the village, particularly to the elderly residents.

Commitment is also vital on other projects, such as the enhancement of the River Coe. Currently the trust is working closely with the Fisheries Board to monitor and increase salmon numbers; It must be noted that the GHT do not exercise their netting rights on Loch Leven, which constitutes a loss of revenue, however it is more important that salmon are encouraged to return to the river to their natural spawning ground. The local Angling Club, who lease the river from the trust on a yearly basis, have now agreed to use barbless hooks, fly only, and return any fish caught, back to the river.

Another area maintained by the trust is the Massacre Memorial, where the Heraldic coat of arms was restored, along with the perimeter gates being repainted; The GHT funds the upkeep of this most sacred site.

The trust also undertakes grass strimming on Eilean Munde, the burial island. The island is one month ahead of the mainland in terms of vegetation growth, and cannot sustain being strimmed too regularly, due to the natural habitat of some species of wild flowers, the work is carried out by volunteers.

The Pap of Glencoe is home to a wide range of wild plants including: Common Butterwort, Pale Butterwort, Milkwort-deep blue, St John’s wort, Roundleaved Sundew, Saxifrage, Heath Spotted Orchid, Heath Bedstraw, Tormentil, Self Heal, White-Beaked sedge, with many more sedges & mosses.

A group of volunteers from Pembrokeshire & Carmarthen, under the leadership of Dave Somerville, took part in a GHT beach clean-up on the shores of Loch Leven. The team worked tirelessly one weekend, as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, which proved to be a very worthwhile exercise for the dedicated team.


Our Work

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